Golden Opportunity

Gold is such a powerful colour and it is often benefits people who work for themselves or have BIG dreams. I used to dislike gold when I was younger because of my bad associations to people wearing gold jewelry. I later grew out of this of course, but I learned that the colour itself can bring a great amount of strength.

Gold brings strength because it is metallic in nature. This means that when you use it in your life, brand or surroundings it will bring that energy with it. Gold is also all about wealth. It’s no surprise that the richest people throughout history are associated with the colour.Β  Civilizations have built empires with gold and fought wars over it. Gold is of course highly sought after, and still is today!

Gold isn’t just about money and riches, it holds many other powers too. The colour can bring a sense of security, comfort and potential. If you are have visions for your future and a desire for abundance, then look no further. Gold is all about ideals. When you decide that you want more from your life and set a goal to achieve your desires then focus on gold. Bring it into your surroundings and look out for it when you are out and about. Let it guide you towards your dreams and it will help you uncover what you wish for.

I could write a whole book on Gold as it’s got so much value to offer. But for now I would like to offer you a meditation exercise to help you connect with the energy of Gold. You don’t have to be spiritual or a master at meditation, you just have to be willing to try this out.

First, get comfortable and put yourself in a distraction free area (a bedroom, living room, out side etc), sit or lie down. No crossing your legs, and put your hands on your lap or beside you. Breathe deep for a few minutes, and while you do, imagine a golden ball of energy the size of a coconut above your head. Imagine it about one foot above you. Let it hover above you and cover you in Golden energy, take as much time as you need to visualize this. Imagine that you can now see everything through gold tinted glasses. Then, the energy ball explodes into a dazzling shower of sparkling light. Those lights surround you and penetrate your body. They are constantly surrounding you and becoming a part of you, lighting up your world in Gold. Let the colour connect with you so that you can receive images, sounds, feelings or any combination of the three. Let the colour talk to you and share it’s wisdom.

Take as much time as you need and journal your thoughts afterwards. You might discover some things you never knew about this colour before. The more you practice this meditation the more you will discover how it can help you.

When I first started meditating on colour I discovered that each colour like people has it’s own personality and has individual ways of assisting us. I highly encourage meditation to my clients so they can process not only their thoughts, but their connection to the great power of colour.

Colour is a powerful tool that can change your life and help you grow. Gold being no exception. I hope that you enjoy this practice and can bring gold into your life when you need it. Perhaps you are reading this because you were led here for a reason, who knows?

I look forward to sharing more color with you and hope that you can use this as a tool for yourself.

With Love & Gratitude

Mike – the colour guy


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