Enthusiastically Orange

When I first started to meditate on orange a part of me hesitated. I don’t know why, but I thought that because it is my favourite colour that maybe I might find out something that I didn’t like. Regardless, I did it anyway! I got silent and focused as I always do when I begin to step into and surround myself with colour, then I imagined the colour all around myself. Then like some kind of movie show, the pictures and thoughts started to flood into my mind. I’d like to talk about what I saw, and I will later on, but for now I’d like to discuss Orange and what makes it so unique.

Orange is cheerful and fun while bringing top notch energy along for the ride. It brings with it enthusiasm that no other colour can compete with. Orange LOVES company! If you have ever spend time with someone that loves orange you may pick this up or maybe this might ring true for you if you are an orange lover. Orange is such good value that it is always willing to have you around to share with you what it has.

Orange has such a punch when it comes to impact, that it’s usually used in small doses. It’s just like the overly enthusiastic person you love but can only spend so much time with. Needless to say that when it’s used right you will probably want it in your life forever! Like any colour if you can bring out it’s best side, you will have a dependable cheerleader at your side until the end of time. That’s typically the energy that Orange brings.

It’s all well and good that Orange is Fun and Energetic, but that can sometimes come across as childish or immature. So if you are the type of person that appreciates thoughtful, deep, calming tones then make sure that you are using Orange sparingly. And like any other colour it looks smashing with its complimentary colour (blue). Orange loves action, explosiveness and can truly be EPIC. The more orange, the more epic!

I’d really like for you to connect with Orange for two reasons. The first reason being that if you are looking to experience a rush of vibrant energy, Orange can facilitate that. Secondly, Orange has this amazing insight into what you are good at. When I meditate on colour I listen openly and in a non-judgemental way so that I can receive it’s energy truthfully as I can. One thing that Orange is really REALLY good at is pointing things out. It’s like perception manifested (I think I’ll write another blog on Orange and how to use it to manifest). It can show you with real clarity if the path you are on is right or give you a peek through a window into something you will really enjoy (just because it wants you to be happy). I love meditating on Orange because it shows me, me! But the real me. It guided me through where I am to where I am going in what seemed like an instant.

Orange will help you see whats going on internally. If you are like me, the reason I hesitated with Orange the first time I meditated was because I used to be your classic scatter brain. I’d jump from one project to the next, get easily distracted or flake out on someone because, well I got distracted. Ooh! you’re doing THAT this weekend, I’ll cancel my plans and come to that instead… Sounds familiar? That’s the immature side of orange. The side I was ashamed to face. But since growing into who I am now, I have learned to reel in that immature side and let it out only when in the company of my friends and family.

So, you might have guessed by now, I LOVE to share the effects of colour not only in a purposeful aspect, but also in a spiritual aspect. It affects us immediately and studies have proved that it can alter our mindsets in ways that we are still trying to understand. If you are looking to bring energy and cheerfulness into your life I would highly recommend you give Orange a whirl. And if you are looking for a spiritual kick of intuition then connect with Orange.

With Love & Gratitude

Mike – the colour guy

NOTE: Read my post on GOLD to find out more about how you can connect with colour through meditation!

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