What colour has taught me so far

As part of my research on colour, I interviewed, asked hundreds of people, gauged responses, created colour profiles, gained clients, sent out corporate surveys nation wide and even have been speaking publicly to gain more knowledge. One thing that I have learned is that yes, some general information on colour psychology is true. However, while each person has some things in common with the ‘general’ colour associations you can source online and in books, each person has completely different emotions attached to various colours. Therefore, no matter how much you research colour and it’s affects on people it will never be 100% accurate or reliable. If anything, it’s very interesting and revealing.

Each time I consult with someone about their colour preferences, they tell me their favourite colour before we start. Then, after we have our consultation, something happens, “I thought I knew what I liked!” or “I thought I hated these colours” comes up time and time again. I used to think that when someone told me their preferences before doing what I do now, that would be solid enough proof that they liked what they liked. BUT, through the consultation process which I developed, I have been able to extract emotional responses hidden within the sub-conscious mind and bring them to the surface. This process reveals true associations to each colour and how it has been affecting my clients. I wish I could show you their faces when this happens.

When I my clients their unfavourable colours they are sometimes shocked, but mostly my clients agree that yes, those colours impact them in a negative way and they agree with what is revealed. That suggests to me that a lot of people have stronger connections to their negative mindset than to their positive. The best thing about these colours is that once you know them, you can go hunting for them in your space and remove or minimize them so they aren’t triggering negativity in your spaces (which you might want to be positive). This is how I turn around the negatives for my clients. We get to play a game of spot the colour! It’s like spring cleaning your sub-conscious triggers. We also get to creatively find ways to minimize the impact those colours have. It’s like lifting a weight off your shoulders.

The REALLY interesting reveal is when we unveil what they do prefer. And so far, most people have a 50/50 split of Positive and Negative colour preferences (this no doubt will change as I collate more data). When the positive colours are revealed the responses are incredible not only for me to witness, but mostly for my clients! Every time they are amazed and gob smacked by what they are looking at, “Oh my god, are you serious! I love these colours” or “I thought I disliked these colours but now that you show them to me, I feel powerful and so HAPPY, whats going on here?”. These kinds of responses have happened every time! Just ask my clients. Sometimes half way through the process, my clients and I talk about the historical associations with their colours, and by howdy! these stories are incredible. I remember one client tell me that how the colours they were just exposed to reminded them of their home, which made them feel so safe. How it triggered a beautiful story about traveling the world and moving over seas.

I didn’t realize working with my clients that I would get attached to them through their stories, their associations, their personal journeys, their ups, their downs and why these colours meant what they did to them. For brief moments in time it is like I get to step into their shoes and see through their eyes. It has been such a magnificent journey and each time I receive a new client I am so grateful because I know we are going to connect and they are going to share something incredible with me. Each client has impacted me in ways I can’t explain. But through all of the consultations so far, I feel like I am gifting each person with a powerful tool that can change their lives. I see it happen a lot! Just another reason why I love what I do.

One thing that I have discovered to be true, is that colour impacts our emotional states instantly. If you are surrounded by colours that are not benefiting you, the chances are that the right colours will change that. I’ve had clients who come back to me after doing what I ask them to do (like injecting their supportive colours into their lives/spaces) and like magic their productivity increases, their happiness gets a boost, they have the power to change their mood and creativity started to flow again. A rainbow wand gets waved and before you know it, BAMF! Life changed.

I didn’t want to go into too much detail about the HOW all of this works, but I did feel the need to talk about this as I feel that it’s important to understand that we don’t know ourselves as much as we like to think we do. The Colour Consultation process I provide reveals so much about who we are. When we have been given the knowledge to see more about ourselves in a tangible way (a colour profile I provide to my clients now), we can then make moves to increase our well-being using colour as a tool. Through everything that I have learned and taught so far I’ve even had colour experts like interior designers benefit from a colour consultation. Because it’s not ultimately what we know about colour, it’s what we know about ourselves that makes this process to unique and powerful.

I’d love to talk about how everything here is super relevant to your brand, but I am going to save that for another blog because I believe that topic deserves it’s own. To touch on it quickly though, if you are in business for yourself and you want to stand out among everyone else doing what you are doing, then it is HUGELY important that you embrace colour.

As I get more and more clients coming to me now my time calendar is getting filled up with people that want a colour consultation. So, if you are interested, please contact me. I am always highly delighted to meet new people and provide you with the tools you need to make positive colour changes in your life.

With Love & Gratitude

Mike – the colour guy


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