What does it mean?

I often get asked “What does my favourite colour mean Mike?”. It’s always one of my favourite questions to answer because the answer doesn’t lie within me. I’ve been working with my clients for a while now and every time I get asked, I turn it around. “You tell me what you like about the colour”, to which they will tell me stories and a number of interesting things they like about about their colours.

One of my clients talks to me about her favourite colours and they make her go from steady conversation into complete relaxation. It’s almost as if she hypnotizes herself when she talks about it. One of the coolest things that I have learned so far is that everyone has their own composition. Much like a painting which is either monochromatic, complimentary, split complimentary, triadic, tetradic, analogous… etc.

One thing that really helps my clients out is understanding their preferences so they can make colour choices that harmonize.

Achieving perfect harmony
Go from one to the other

To the untrained eye, if your colour choices are too stark they might affect your mood in an unfavourable way. Even if your colours don’t seem to be harmonious, there is always a way to reach harmony. A good place to start is with your favourite colours (of course).

Just like a painting, if there is equal amounts of each colour, then your eyes don’t know where to look. It’s kind of like seeing static on a TV set. It’s a jumbled mess. When you choose a colour to dominate, based on your feelings attached to that colour, you can start to create harmony. What happens next, is you choose colours that are going to support your dominant colour. Hopefully, you have colours that tie together through some emotional aspects. For example; if the colour Purple makes you feel Energized and you absolutely love it, you would use another colour that boosts that emotion. You might also get a kick out of Yellow! So, what you might do is add a touch of Yellow here and there to support it. You might have a Purple couch, so add a couple Yellow cushions! It’s really that easy.

The same goes for clothing and the accessories you wear. Choosing colours that harmonize with your personality and the image you give people is just as important as the spaces you create in your home or office. I had one client talk to me about a colour he wore that made him feel so good! I asked whether or not he wore that colour when he was speaking with his clients, or when he was public speaking. He said he didn’t, so I suggested that he start. I also suggested that he use the colours make his heart sing. Either a bracelet or socks etc. All because having perfect harmony in your clothing can give you a HUGE confidence boost!

I work with my clients for weeks at a time so I get to know them and I can help them make the right decisions. But more importantly, they have been empowered to make colour choices that compliment the mood they want to achieve. The remarkable thing that I have learned is that there are more people than I can count that could benefit from a colour consultation. Each client gets an education on their colours which they can take with them for the rest of their lives. What it really means to know your colour, is to know yourself. Once you know, you can use it like any tool you build with. With the right colours, you can build an atmosphere that feels the way you want it to feel.

With Love & Gratitude

Mike Posadas

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