Using the right colour while you meditate!

I was at a Christmas party last week and I caught up with a good friend of mine, who just happens to be an amazing Life Coach. I had just finished working with her the night before on discovering her colours. She brought up during our session that I had mentioned having a sore shoulder and forearm. Which at the time was not helping me at all!

Fast forward to the night of the party where it was packed with over 100 people. We managed to find each other and have a chat. We talked about colour (of course) and my shoulder. What I love about this woman is she is very intuitive like me and was able to guide me through a meditation to help clear blocked energy that I was storing in my arm and shoulders.

Little did she know that I was also channeling specific colours to help with healing myself. I listened to my intuition and two colours came into my mind, they were baby blue and light pink. Both soft nurturing colours filled with love and compassion. As she guided me through the meditation she got me to visualize universal energy flowing through my feet, up through my thighs, torso, past my shoulders into my hands and up into my head. We focused the energy there to help clear out the blocked energy that was causing me pain in my left forearm.

I continued the meditation (unguided for a short while longer), visualizing the colourful energy bursting through my crown and flowing back down to my feet so I could create a constant flow. Like a water wheel that catches the water and takes it to the top of a water tank. The energy was flowing through my body in waves of swirling pinks and blues and I felt complete calm and ease. We spent about ten minutes during the party in our own zone, not caring what anyone around us might think, completely focused on bringing this energy and healing love.

Afterwards I told her about the colours that I visualized and why I chose them. We talked about what it meant to clear blocked energy and since that night I have been practicing this form of meditation with my own twist on it. I created an info graphic for you to follow to help you visualize this for yourself. I wanted to share this as it brings me great comfort and relaxation.

Colour Flow Meditation
A 5 Step visualization to help you achieve flowing colour energy

Ever since using this method of colour meditation, I have found that it is a very useful way to bring a certain energy to your life. It helps to clear out blocked energy and keep your energy flowing. Follow along from the bottom and work your way up! Its a completely different feeling from and energy the top down but that’s because the intention in using this style is completely different.

Once your body is in flow and you have the desired colour flowing through you, it will naturally guide you towards your intended outcome. For me, ever since using this method, I have been lead (by using my intuition/gut instinct in tandem with the colour) to outcomes based on my intention.

I also used this meditation earlier yesterday to connect with the sense of freedom. I chose to use the colour Aqua for this exercise as this colour is great for breaking through barriers and lifting you up. During the meditation the energy made me feel like my legs and arms were weightless which gave me a huge sense of freedom and calm.

Freedom in Colour
Freedom with colour

Its always important to know what your colours mean and what colours are best for your intended purpose. If you don’t know what colours benefit you, you might have to experiment a few times to discover it for yourself. The really cool thing about working with my clients and close friends is that because I have helped them discover what colours work best for them, they can use the ideal colours in meditation without having to experiment over and over.

If you would like to find out what colours work best for you, please don’t hesitate to contact me for a consultation. I am always open and willing to help anyone achieve harmony with their colours.

With Love & Gratitude

Mike Posadas

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