Red to the rescue!

I was feeling just (for lack of a better word) “normal” the other day. There was nothing much going on, so I decided to get my groceries done and I headed down to the mall. I remember choosing a blue t-shirt to wear because I wanted to maintain my energy level. Blue is great for that by the way! When I got there my instincts kicked in as they always do and I began to think about the new year. I wanted energy to reflect my intentions, to get me motivated and I wanted to channel the energy of confidence.

I started by heading down to the office supply store, buying a 2018 diary (red). I felt good in this decision as Red is about making quick decisive action. When it comes to my clients, I wanted to book them in, get things done and plan my year with certainty. So, red was the Ideal colour! As I continued wandering around I was drawn to a department store. Possibly the SALE signs, possibly my instincts yelling “hey Mike! you need energy. Go get yourself a new shirt”. I found a plain red shirt, tried it on, I looked great in it. So I bought it and headed to the nearest bathroom to change into my new shirt.

If it’s one thing people don’t do at my local shopping mall, it’s wear bright colours. And in my new shirt I was feeling the energy straight away. I felt great! Red instantly gives you a lift in spirit AND confidence. For the rest of the day Red was there supporting my mood, turning what would have been a mundane day into something much better.

When I got home, I recorded a webinar lesson for my friend’s (life coaching) website, I started work on a new painting and I meditated on the colour Red. Red is a very healing colour, as it encourages rejuvenation among other things. For me I was in definite need of Red’s energy and it delivered. That’s the beauty of colour, it has an instant impact on us! And it’s completely natural, completely free.

Red offers an array of benefits. It brings the Joy of life, a sense of Power, it increases our senses making foods taste better (or perceived to taste better), it grabs our attention, it’s considered a lucky colour in some cultures and I could go on and on. My clients tell me that Red gives them a sense of importance, it’s heroic, rich, vibrant, positive, playful, alert and loving. Again this list is endless, but it’s true that Red can really fill your cup with positive energy!

Freedom in Colour

If you are feeling the opposite of any of the aforementioned associations, I would highly recommend using Red to counter those emotions. For example, if you are feeling sluggish you can use Red to invigorate yourself. If you are feeling powerless, let Red bring you a sense of confidence. If things are drab, it’s Red to the rescue!

On a spiritual note, Red promotes movement, courage, self-confidence and gives back to your heart. Try meditating with the colour Red, see what it can do for you. Red is a colour that seems like a power only colour, but has a softer nurturing side. When you meditate on Red you will find that it is protective and loving. It builds great relationships because it promotes stability. It’s profoundly emotional because it is linked to our hearts. It’s the colour linked very close to life as it is the colour of blood (ours) and therefore a colour that makes us feel whole on a physical and emotional level.

If you are anything like me, I used to only use red when I was angry or upset. Ever heard the phrase “Hot blooded” or “So angry I’m seeing Red”? Sometimes I even used to associate people in power as evil (not anymore) and without realizing it, they wore red a lot, so no wonder I thought they were the Devil and that I could never wear Red. I didn’t want to be associated with them! Of course they wore Red! Red brings them confidence and the boosts their ability to make quick decisive judgements. That doesn’t make them evil or bad people, they just use Red as a tool to help them in what they do. Most leaders in our age use Red because of all the positive attributes it brings. I started to wear Red again because I was focused on the negative side of Red and not giving the positive side a chance.

If you don’t think Red is for you, I challenge you to give Red a try for yourself. Besides, Red wins more anyway! Studies have shown that Blue teams lose more against Red teams. Just saying!

With Love & Gratitude

Mike the colour guy

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