Want Empowerment?

You are unique. Because of this fact, you will have unique associations to different colours. We each have different cultural backgrounds, upbringings, educations and histories. As we continue through life we link colour to certain aspects in our thought patterns. Where I grew up there were Jacaranda trees that covered the streets. Truly magical when they bloomed and the streets became washed in light purple flowers. It was like living in a painting. I remember walking through those streets feeling content, calm and at ease. There were no worries walking through those streets, it was like a paradise of colour.

So for me, one of my associations to purple is the Jacaranda Tree. But the underlying truth to that association is Calm, Contentment and a sense of Ease. When I use the colour Purple in my life, the colour subconsciously brings me those feelings because it reminds me of that place and those trees. The trees are not what’s important, it’s the emotional attachment to them that matters.

I am very lucky, because I get to talk to my clients everyday about their associations and help them uncover their true feelings attached to every colour. We go through a plethora of colours in the spectrum. For each colour there is a different response and a different emotion. Typically we surface anywhere from 5 to 30 associations for each colour. That means for each colour my clients are getting massive amounts of knowledge about themselves. They then get to then use that knowledge to change their lives. They tell me all the time that with their associations in check they are able to minimize or eliminate the negative associations from their lives (which makes them feel great). They also then are able to make a conscious decision on choosing the right colour for the right mood they want to create. This means no more picking a colour and finding out later that they wasted their money choosing the wrong thing.

We don’t know what colour is doing to us until we question it impact for ourselves. Once we understand how it is affecting us, we are able to make colour work for us! I created a simple way to surface your true association to colour. This 3 step process makes it easy to uncover the truth about how colour is impacting your life!

Why colour?
Discover what colours actually mean to you in 3 steps

I’d suggest that you get a pen an paper to write all of your associations down. Then you can work through your associations and not try to do it all in your head (because you will forget). Each of my clients receive a complete colour profile which is roughly 13 pages long (sometimes longer) including EVERYTHING they associate with each colour. This allows them to also link colours together that share common traits, creating emotional harmony in their life, home and professional endeavors.

I encourage you to discover what colour means to you so you can use colour to change your life. Knowing more about yourself not only gives you a greater understanding, with that knowledge you can empower yourself to make positive changes. We are surrounded by colour and it impacts us instantly. Why not discover how it’s impacting you?

With Love & Gratitude

Mike Posadas

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