Know your Strengths

When I sit down to talk with a new client we discover something hidden within them. I started noticing a trend happening with each individual. We have deep within ourselves secrets that when they are surfaced can tell us some pretty profound things about what is core to our identity.

I was working with a client a few months ago and we got talking over lunch. We discussed what colours meant what to them. After this process is complete, we discuss the types of colours and what category each one sits in. When I revealed the categories, there was such an elation! “WOW Mike! I had no idea that these colours impacted me like this”. The truth is that we don’t sit down often enough to discover what they are doing. This is where my expertise comes in. I give my clients a profile (kind of like a test result you’d get from any expert measuring you) that opens up their eyes to seeing the truth behind each colour.

Another client of mine came back to me recently and was talking about their mood. They were not feeling the best. Before knowing this, I had gifted them some colours based on their profile that represented Freedom. The assumption that this would help them with their well-being was on my part intentional (as I love to help my clients as best I can), however they told me as much as they loved the colours they just weren’t what they needed right now.

1200 x 500 - Freedom
Total Freedom

So I went back to their profile and looked up the opposite of their emotional state. They were feeling down and out, so I simply looked up Joy, Happiness and added a dash of Love. Immediately the colours impacted them and I got back a “WOW! this is EXACTLY what I needed”. So the message here was that with the right colours you can achieve any desired mood you are looking to boost.

1200 x 500 - Joy Happiness Love
Joy Happiness and Love

What really made this impact was the fact that we had an extensive profile with hundreds of word associations. The ability to skim through your associations, pick and choose an emotion, then build a scheme around that makes knowing your emotional attachment to colour so important. Without the right knowledge, you have your instincts (which is fine and all) but with deep knowledge about who you are, you can make conscious changes that impact you immediately.

The question I get asked a lot is HOW much colour should I use? I always recommend that you use how ever much you need. If you feel you need a kick of energy because you are feeling tired, then think about how much would work. Sometimes a painting or a complete repaint of a wall is necessary. It all depends on what you think you need! The cool thing is that you get to be creative. And I never tire of seeing my clients use their colours creatively.

As an example I was talking with another client a few days ago. She said she was being drawn to Green. She dislikes green by the way. So we discussed WHY that happens… I’ll have to write another article on that another time as it’s a topic unto it’s self. We decided that it would be good for her to introduce Green into her life where it is needed most. There was no need for a huge amount, just a touch so that she was in the presence of Green and enough so she wasn’t impacted in a negative way. Within days I could tell her spirits were lifted and she was feeling the powerful impact of colour.

What does all this mean? Well, it means that making the right colour choices are so important that if you do it wrong you are kicking yourself. When you understand your colour associations (really understand them) you can turn your weakness into a strength. You can turn a negative feeling into a positive feeling by literally not doing much at all. The other bonus is that colour is FREE!!! It’s everywhere. You probably have everything you need already lying around or you can spend next to nothing. It’s as personal as you are.

What I do helps you link your emotions to every colour. It’s so empowering you won’t believe it! Plus its FUN!!! My clients tell me this by the way which in turn makes the whole process so incredible. It’s an experience. For my clients, it’s like seeing with new eyes. An awakening because they have a new understanding of WHO they are. I work with with parents, friends, families, business owners, coaches, consultants, speakers and more! Basically, if you want personal growth in your life or professional growth, then a colour consultation could help you too.

With Love & Gratitude

Mike Posadas

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