Nail your Brand Colours (the first time)

Having worked with many clients on their brand, a common question is what should I do? or What does my current Brand say? I am lucky as I get to work with clients who have a Brand already or are looking for a new Brand! I typically need to know WHO my clients are before we start working on the Brand itself. The reason for this is because your Brand MUST reflect you or your business first.


So, with all of my clients we sit down over the course of a few sessions and we find out what my clients core beliefs are. We do this by first by surfacing my clients colours (psychologically) and figure out which colours are going to benefit their well-being. This part of my service not only helps my clients understand colour better, but it also leads into creating a Brand that supports their mood. All of my clients want a Brand that tells the world who they are and what they do. They also want a Brand that gives them confidence.

Once we have have identified colours impact, we move onto talking about Personal Branding. Not only should your Brand (the one you have a logo for and promote your business with) line up with the message you are sending, your Personal Brand should reflect who you are. The colours that you choose to wear, the accessories you add and even your makeup tell your clients everything they need to know about you before you open your mouth to talk. This is why knowing your colours are paramount in building your Personal Brand. I was talking with a client about their Personal Brand and what it meant to choose the right colours. They wanted to be professional and they wanted confidence. So we looked through their profile for what those colours were. In a matter of moments we found the colour that best gave this client what they wanted. Just by knowing colours impact on you personally, you can build a brand wardrobe that totally kicks ass!

There are of course many other ways to build a Personal Brand, but starting with your clothing is a great place to start. The next place I work with is your business Brand colours. Now, this is where we bring everything together. I love talking about Branding with my clients, as we get to build a Brand from the ground up. Or in some cases rework a Brand all together. In fact one of my first clients was a total colour re-brand. The colours my client had were for the lack of a better word, unprofessional. Not what they intended their brand to be. We discovered that their old Brand was giving the wrong message and it was also targeting the wrong clients they wanted to attract. It simply was not working, which is why they approached me. After our session, we nailed their colours and I am pleased to report that they are loving their new Brand.

Building a new Brand from the ground up is sort of like speed dating. I have to find out exactly what my clients business is about. I need to know what makes them tick, who they are trying to attract and what they like to say about themselves. Also, I like to find know WHO they are as a business. It’s so much fun, but this part is pivotal to nailing your Brand colours (the first time). We then discuss what colours best line up with my clients needs and we hit the ball out of the park!

1200 x 500 - talking colour(1)

Ideally you want your Brand colours to stand out. You want them to say something about what you do and you want them to attract the right people. If your colours are not doing this, then you have the wrong colours. Not only that, you also want colours that impact your clients in such a way that it lines up with the emotional aspect of working with you. If your colours are confusing, boring, sending the wrong message or not well thought about, what is that saying about you?

Even though we don’t like to admit it sometimes, people do judge a book by it’s cover. Be prepared for people to assume what you do based on your colour choices. You can work with an expert on colour or you can study up yourself. But, I highly encourage researching if you cant afford hiring a colour consultant. However, having a colour consultant work with you is worth the investment. You not only get expert advice, but you get empowered! Not a day goes by that I am not thrilled seeing how empowered my clients are. They truly keep me doing what I’m doing.

I just wanted to end by saying that I love seeing my clients at their best. Colour definitely acts like a personal cheerleader! When you are stepping into your Personal Brand, colour is there supporting your mood, giving you confidence and doing a lot of the hard work for you. Your business Brand encompasses your service. It should plainly state who you are, what you do and your values. It however can do more or less depending on the amount of colours incorporated, but with the right colour choice can impact just as much as brands with more colour. In tandem, both of these aspects support you and your clients. They radiate your message and sing your name.

What is your Brand saying about you?

With Love & Gratitude

Mike Posadas – the colour guy

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