Colour Meditation BASICS

I often bring up colour meditation in my articles because I believe they are fundamental in not only understanding colour, but also connecting with colour so you can heal. Healing is not easy, but my clients often come to me for advice on how to get past a feeling, let go of an emotion or use colour in other ways. I suggest meditation a lot as it’s a wonderful tool for your well-being.

The other thing I get told a lot is “meditation is hard Mike”. You know what? At first, yes, it most certainly is. They don’t call it ‘meditation practice’ for nothing. However, I have (after many years of practice) come across some easy ways to get into the zone.

Colour Meditation
Get Quite, Focus on your breathing, Accept your thoughts and Practice

Meditation is a lot easier the more you practice. All you really need is 10 minutes a day or even 5 minutes if you are pushed for time. Regardless, you might want to allocate meditation practice EVERY day when you are beginning out because you will need to form a habit.  Many people start meditation, then stop practicing all together. I know I did in the past.

I treat meditation like an everyday routine. You just do it. There is no excuse that can stop you from practicing it and in time, you will become a pro. You may even branch out into other forms of meditation as you progress in your learning.

There is no doubt that meditation is great for your well-being. Using colour in your meditation also amplifies the process as it gives you something to focus on (aside from your breathing). Colour impacts us in so many ways and for my clients we choose the BEST colours that help them achieve harmony. I’ve written a few articles on colour so far and how to find your colours, so I suggest reading a few of those if you want to know what colours are best for you!


Follow the simple steps in the info graphic above and you will have a great place to start. You might even just choose a colour at random. This is a great place to work from too as you will learn new things about colour and discover some unexpected surprises too!

Colour is a  fundamental part of our world and humans are beings that respond to feelings. Colour can trigger our feelings, so why not take control of colour and use it for your own benefit? With colours that work for you, you can increase your mood and well-being. I used to suffer from stress, anxiety and depression (I sought professional help for this) and along my journey I learned that colour meditation really helped me to relax and receive a deep sense of calm. I totally TOTALLY recommend that if you haven’t tried meditation in the past or even gave up, that you give this method a whirl. It’s easy, it’s only a few steps, and if you practice each day, I just know you will start seeing the benefits. If I can do it, if my clients can do it, YOU can do it too!

I want anyone who reads this to know that there are so many alternatives other than meditation, but you have nothing to loose by trying and an improvement in your well-being to gain.

With Love and Gratitude
Mike Posadas

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