Using colour to strengthen your Intuition

Let’s talk about your intuition. We sometimes have moments in our life where we know we should have done something but backed out. Or we had a ‘gut’ feeling that we acted on and things went great! For some, it’s easy because they just act on impulse. For others it takes time to build confidence.

Your intuition is like a compass. It tells you when you are heading in the right direction or sends you signals when you are off course. I know people that are so good at following their compass that they achieve and bring great wonderful things into their lives. I also know other people that are so off course they repeat themselves over and over, are often miserable and who don’t listen to their inner guidance.

The good news is that there are many ways to get yourself back on track! In fact there is a wealth of information and professionals specialized just to help you. Pretty cool! I found this out myself when I was struggling with life. During this period I learned that I not only was I so off course, but I was also shrinking down into obscurity.

When I started listening to my intuition (inner guidance system, compass, source… whatever you want to call it) I found that things just started improving. In fact, I follow my intuition so frequently now, that it brings me great joys everyday. It’s definitely a skill that you can learn and here is my take on strengthening your own intuition.

Colour Intuition Game
You can strengthen your intuition using colour!

Trust is the key to building the intuition muscle. You simply just have to work it out as much as possible. Just like when you would go to the gym, you build and build over time. Then before you know it, you will have gained the strength you desired. Trust that your instincts are going to guide you where you want to go. Sometimes you will feel uncomfortable like when you are jumping into a cold pool, but imagine that what you want is in that pool. It makes it a lot easier to go after. Especially if its a BIG important thing you want. When you get a signal from your intuition at this time you MUST listen and take note. Which leads me into the next part of building your intuition.

Listen. I used to be the type of person that when the signal came, I would ignore it. Mostly because I was so untrained and mopey. When I learned that my intuition was the key to taking places I figured that I would give it a try. And then it took me places. So I listened again… again… and again. Eventually I learned to listen and feel when my intuition was signalling me to do something. Whether it be talk to someone I have never met, confront a situation that scared the living heck out of me or do something that threw me out of my comfort zone.

The other key element to building a good intuition is Truth. When you follow your intuition, you start to realize that it’s your truth you are following. I also learned that when I started using colour to recognize what I needed to bring into my life, things brightened up and life just got better. This eventually led me to building a business on colour and fulfilling my life’s purpose. This isn’t some phoney baloney hocus pocus people! This actually works!!!


In the exercise above, you’re asked to use coloured pens, pencils etc to fill out your answers and draw something. The cool thing about colouring your answers is that they can reveal hidden meanings and guidance from your intuition. For example, you might find that when you answer the questions you are telling yourself you need more time in your life. You may have used the colour blue to write your answers. This could mean that you are looking for freedom and escaping the constraints of time. Blue is associated with freedom so it’s something to consider. You may have drawn an arrow in green too >>> breaking that down you might find that you intuition is telling you that you need more direction and balance in your life. Bringing it all together you will notice a clear message. If you don’t, just try again later when you have time to spare. Remember that you are building a new kind of muscle and you need to practice consistently for this to work.

I teach my clients how to interpret their colours and by doing so they gain a sense of empowerment and freedom. Just by knowing your colours alone is enough to teach you more about yourself.

If I was giving you personal advice as thought we were having a consultation, I would tell you to practice this everyday. It only takes a few minutes and will improve your well-being as well. Learn to trust yourself and you will start seeing a better you in no time!

With Love and Gratitude

Mike Posadas

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