Not what you think

My clients are often faced with colours that they don’t like. Sometimes (more usually) they are quite surprised by what they find. “I thought I liked that colour… but now I realise that I don’t!” is a phrase I hear all too often. I guess when you see so many clients a week you start to uncover common themes.

The colours are always different too. As everyone is an individual with preferences unique to themselves. I love seeing the look of surprise or confusion when they look at the colour, look back at me, back to the colour again, then try to make sense of what’s happening in their minds.

What I have discovered is that these “unfavourable” colours which I have started calling them, are not what they seem. Our first response to something we don’t like is because we are repelled by it (for some unknown or known reason) or in some cases we know exactly why.

Working with my clients we touch on WHY we think these colours affect us in certain ways. As we dig deep into how they are affecting us we usually find that we have things hidden deep within that we forgot or don’t want to surface. This is where colour association comes in so we can learn what the problem or blockage is so we can move to heal or move past the issue.

I talk with my clients about how to turn their negative colours into a tool for positive change. By reversing how we look and use the colours, we begin to create a sense of empowerment within ourselves and our surroundings! It’s always so amazing watching my clients this way and see the smiles on their faces when they do this.

In the spirit of sharing I have created a basic guide on how you too can begin to turn your negative colours around. Simply follow along and see how you go!

Understanding Negative Colours
How to turn your negative colours around!

The best thing you can do for yourself is discover colour all over again. Find out what colour is impacting you so you can make real changes in your life! I help people everyday learn about themselves so they can improve their mood, happiness, productivity and creativity.

I love being able to follow my passion and having the privilege of using it to impact people in a positive life changing way! If you are need to improve your well-being, learning about yourself in a cool new way or even wanting a new tool to use for the rest of you life, I am always willing to help and offer my services to you. Maybe you are just as passionate about colour and looking to experience it differently, please feel free to message me. I love talking colour!

The best thing about anything negative is that you can turn it around. There is always a way to look at something from a new perspective and it is my hope and dream to change how people look at colour. I am already seeing and hearing from people all over the world how amazing colour is now that they have a brand new perspective. I highly encourage you to delve into the world of colour and see for yourself the true power it has in our lives.

With love and gratitude

Mike Posadas

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