Easy being Green

Green is like the glue that holds everything together and it has a power that seems to evoke powerful responses in my clients. For some of my clients we use a method of guidance so they can better understand colour, and occasionally some colours need a little persuasion. What that means in ‘colour guy’ talk is when my clients get stuck on a colour (usually because they don’t understand or find it hard to vocalise their thoughts) I guide them through with a series of questions that lead them to their own answers. Eventually we create a group of associations and feelings connected to one colour.

However, green often carries the least resistance. My clients are always very quick to verbalise their thoughts on the colour. In my research I discovered some interesting things on Green. Green (when in relation to rainbows) sits perfectly centered. It is the colour that feels like perfect harmony. The other great thing that Green does well is it allows us to see things clearly. When I have a client that is feeling like they have no direction I will tell them that they need to start meditating on Green and also to bring more green into their lives.

Why do this? Green is a centering colour. When you focus on it, whether by bringing it in to your life, going on nature walks or meditating on it, Green helps to bring a sense of peacefulness where you can gather your thoughts and just be. When we are in a state of just being we are able to listen better to our intuition and gather that information so we can use it in our lives. Then when that spark of thought enters out mind, we take it like inspiration, when in fact it’s our intuition (higher-self, the Universe, source energy… what ever you like to call it) able to communicate with us because we are in a balanced state.


I’ve worked with quite a few clients now who have been in need of Green or have been drawn to Green recently. What this means (typically) is that they are lacking some kind of balance. In one case, a client was going through a transitional period and didn’t know why they were being drawn to Green (which was one of their unfavourable colours). I explained why this colour was calling to them and it made total sense to them. I also suggested that they should really start paying attention to the colour and start bringing little amounts of it into a space in their home where they thought it might benefit them the most.

I’m pleased to report that since incorporating Green into their life, they have really enriched their life. They have since gone on to create a new brand, and converted this negative colour into a positive colour they can use to support their mood. This often happens when we go through transition. Have you ever noticed that when you are making a change or feeling like your life is taking a new turn that your preferences in colour change? For many people this is true, and I have since incorporated this question into my sessions to better understand what transition (if any) my clients are going through. This way I can guide them to using particular colours to help them achieve balance in their lives.

I like to encourage my clients and anyone that asks me to bring colours into your life that you don’t like. I do this because there is a reason you don’t like it and by re-introducing it into your life it can teach you about something you need. Some of my clients tell me that their negative colours actually show them a reflection of their feelings towards a person or event, which is something that they haven’t dealt with. So by understanding what that connection is, they are able to use that colour as a kind of bridge to heal and move past those feelings.

The important thing is that colour has the power to surface things we are not conscious of. By surfacing those things tucked deep inside us we reveal more about our true nature and why we might be stuck repeating the same mistakes or struggling to find the things we desire.

I have no doubt that if you begin to really invite Green into your life via any means, you will be able to understand more about yourself and be in a space where you can calmly contemplate your thoughts. If for any reason you find it hard to get outside into the wild green parts of the world, I strongly encourage you begin meditating on Green. I have written a few articles on colour meditation and if you would like to know more, please read through them and practice following the instructions. I’ll post an info-graphic here as well so you have a spring board to leap from.

5 Step Colour Meditation
Choose a Colour, Find a Quite Place, Focus on your Breath, Use your Imagination, Stay open & Practice

As always practice makes perfect. If you would like more information or would like a consultation, please feel free to reach out to me. I am always happy to help.

With Love & Gratitude

Mike Posadas

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