About the colour guy

Micheal ‘Mike’ Posadas is a Brisbane based Colour Consultant who is passionate about colour and helping people discover the power of colour.  He enjoys teaching clients based on their own colour preferences how to increase their mood, happiness, productivity and creativity in everyday life or in their business.  He reflects on his own experiences and positivity to motivate and support his clients.

Mike is a creative person who uses art in different forms, including music, to express himself and continue to improve his own outlook. He states ‘I’d still do that [art] even if I wasn’t getting paid.  It’s all about being true to who I am’.

He has worked with colour his entire life and enjoying drawing and painting since he can remember.  One school he attended bought his complete collection before he graduated as they wanted it displayed for future students.  A lasting testament to his dedication to art and expression.  He took this as a sign to continue improving his skills and to follow a creative path in life.  He has since been able to successfully sell art and teach art regularly.  He felt his education experiences brought him closer to what he does and what he should do. He felt ‘it wasn’t until I started listening to my intuition and gut instincts that I realised those experiences were amazing’.

Mike believes his biggest accomplishment was overcoming stress, anxiety and becoming self-aware and self-accepting. He now feels he can confidently take on the world doing something he loves and is passionate about, teaching people the power of colour!

He describes his role as ‘I solve emotional problems for my clients now. I teach them the hidden power of colour and how they can use it to change their lives.  It’s astonishing to see what I call ‘support colours’ do for someone.  I teach people how to choose colours (the right way) so they can feel good all the time in their own space’.

Mike receives a lot of positive feedback from clients and people around him.  Clients have told him that he opens their eyes and they see colour so differently because they have a better understanding of their connection to it.  He is unique and very niche in what he does and therefor highly sought after.

His ideal clients are people who need a change, want everlasting results and instant relief.

As they say, a change is as good as a holiday!