Mike is an absolute treasure!
Colour expertise is a very wise investment in your business branding. I have extensively studied colour over the years so I was very excited to see what Mike’s approach to colour in business would be. And he did not disappoint .I just totally love his process of helping you understand your relationship with each colour. Mike takes you on a clever journey that shows you very personally how colour can assist you in your moods & which colours will help you achieve what you want in your business (and life). So you come out with the best colours for your business image & the best colours for you in your business. You will also gain a deeper understanding of every colour in your life.

Love & live in Empowerment
Deborah Carroll
Your Empowerment

Mike takes you on a clever journey

Mike really knows his stuff when it comes to colour! He is such an easy person to work with and takes the time to get to know you and your colour preferences. His ability to associate colour and its use in your life to where you are at and where you want to be is phenomenal. I’m truly delighted with his service and recommend him to anyone!

~Mary Wong

I’m truly delighted with his service and recommend him to anyone!

Wow! Mike absolutely surprised me with how I relate to Colours, both physically and emotionally verses the way I knew about colour in the past.
Now, I Understand WHY in a certain time or season my favourite colour changes. I don’t feel the same with the same colour all the time. For instance, I like orange-red, but too much of that I found to be exhausting. Mike has been brilliant in guiding me from the space of understanding my intuition for colour, so I can make effective use of it to support me. I can eliminate and block negative external influences using colour, enhance my clarity and strength, even stabilize using it or just meditate on a colour to calm myself down. Colour is now great for my well-being in daily life.
You are such a kind loving being,
With much gratitude Mike.

-Maylin Lim

I can eliminate and block negative external influences using colour

Well, where do I start… I consider myself a very conscious person, however Mike has completely opened my eyes to how colour effects my daily life. The colours I thought had a positive annotation actually didn’t.

With his help I see colours completely different, not only what colours I wear but also what colours I surround myself with and what colours I use in my business.

Thank you so much for your insight and knowledge, I will treasure it .

Don’t underestimate the effect of colour on your life! Talk to Mike and make sure that you are being supported the right way, It’s certainly changed my perspective on what colours and shades I surround myself with. forever grateful xo

-Emma Parsons

Forever grateful

I have just had my second zoom meeting with Mike Posadas and have to say if you want to nail your branding colours Mike is definitely THE person to engage. So much fun, information and an outcome that has given me peace.

Christine Smith

Mike is definitely THE person to engage

What a fun way to gain insight into how colours affect us and how to enhance our worlds both business and personal. Thanks Mike an absolute pleasure.

-Christine Smith

5 Stars

I’ve had the chance to work with Mike and was just Brilliant!!
The passion for his work, his knowledge and his personality are awesome.
We wear, breath and surround ourselves with colours all our life but rarely pay attention at the way they make us feeling. Sometime we wear colours because an occasion require that and we doesn’t feel comfortable reflecting that around us and sabotaging our success.

I knew that some colours made me feel super awesome in every sense, but getting the awareness of all of them and also how to manage and use the colours I don’t like as an ally has been a revelation, and Mike has been brilliant in pointing this out.

My biggest wow moment has been around the branding of my company, realizing that I’ve been playing “safe” not using a colour that is deeply alive in myself and that for me represent energy, success, happiness, focus, destination thinking that would have been not ‘right’. I used colours that I like but that were not fully expressing the message and the energy behind my ideals and mission.

Mike pointed that out not one but many times, suggesting me to consider it and have to say that makes a lot of sense and just feels awesome, perfectly aligned with the message I want to bring to the world.

If you really want to show up as the best version of yourself, aligning with your spirit, your personal power, your branding, do yourself a favour and have a chat with Mike!!

You will better understand yourself and how to manage your energies, presence and power in any path of life.

Mike you are really awesome and your work remarkable!!
Thanks again for your support and guidance mate!!

-Enrico Crosina

Mike you are really awesome and your work remarkable!!

OMG…. you wouldn’t dream that colour could be such a defining aspect in your life. BUT IT REALLY IS!!
Just had my colours done with Mike. BLOWN AWAY!
It’s such an exciting process and a great way to get in touch with your self. Once you see what drives you, motivates and inspires you, you can really get a grip on what you can do to empower yourself.
From what you wear, to how you decorate your home and what influences it has on your mindset…… it’s just so powerful.
The recommendations that Mike has made to me in this regard has already yielded results by boosting my confidence and self-expression and answered a dilemma I was experiencing with my workspace. So I’m making plans to make changes there immediately so as to actively create a more motivational and inspiring space to work from, rather than continue to slow myself down.
SO EXCITED. Thanks, Mike. Outstanding knowledge and real-life application. You really know your stuff !!

-Leisa Burdette

The recommendations that Mike has made to me in this regard has already yielded results by boosting my confidence and self-expression

Working with Mike has been A-MAZING and truly inspirational! It is such a powerful experience that words don’t do justice to it…it is something you really have to experience for yourself. We go about our day-to-day business unaware of the different stimuli that trigger certain reactions, feelings, and moods in us – subconscious associations that we’re not aware we’re carrying with us wherever we go. Colour is one of those triggers – whether it be clothing, house or office decor, the colours of your walls, the colour of the object you focus on. It really has an impact on your mood. And because energy is contagious, how you feel inside will influence how others perceive you. If you really want to show up as the best version of yourself, be it in your branding, when you are working on a personal project, in your relationships, when you are leading a presentation or public speech, when networking, or simply trying to meditate, and any other sphere of your life, I highly recommend reaching out to Mike. Your favourite colours aren’t just favourite colours…There is a reason why certain colours light you up while others bring down your energy. Working with Mike can help you deeply know yourself and create a space where you can light up and show up as who you really are confidently. Thank you so much, Mike – I feel very blessed to know and work with you!

-Andrada Muntean

I highly recommend reaching out to Mike

I have a great story about a person who really motivated me to get off my backside!
A couple of months ago I met Mike Posadas. He was speaking about the power of colour at a Meet Up group on small business entrepreneurship run by the dynamic Lee Stemm.
I thought I knew most things about colour, being an ex interior designer and now an artist. But it was refreshing to hear his take on the power of colour to effect our everyday lives.
I vowed to go home and paint my favourite colours on panels of my bedroom walls. And to convert the space into an art studio.
Mike gave me the courage to move forward. I’ve had a challenging year. Thanks Mike for empowering me with your supportive words of advice and encouragement. I now have a red wall, a teal wall and a yellow wall in my life!

-Kelly Southee

Thanks Mike for empowering me