I highly recommend reaching out to Mike

Working with Mike has been A-MAZING and truly inspirational! It is such a powerful experience that words don’t do justice to it…it is something you really have to experience for yourself. We go about our day-to-day business unaware of the different stimuli that trigger certain reactions, feelings, and moods in us – subconscious associations that we’re not aware we’re carrying with us wherever we go. Colour is one of those triggers – whether it be clothing, house or office decor, the colours of your walls, the colour of the object you focus on. It really has an impact on your mood. And because energy is contagious, how you feel inside will influence how others perceive you. If you really want to show up as the best version of yourself, be it in your branding, when you are working on a personal project, in your relationships, when you are leading a presentation or public speech, when networking, or simply trying to meditate, and any other sphere of your life, I highly recommend reaching out to Mike. Your favourite colours aren’t just favourite colours…There is a reason why certain colours light you up while others bring down your energy. Working with Mike can help you deeply know yourself and create a space where you can light up and show up as who you really are confidently. Thank you so much, Mike – I feel very blessed to know and work with you!

-Andrada Muntean