Mike you are really awesome and your work remarkable!!

I’ve had the chance to work with Mike and was just Brilliant!!
The passion for his work, his knowledge and his personality are awesome.
We wear, breath and surround ourselves with colours all our life but rarely pay attention at the way they make us feeling. Sometime we wear colours because an occasion require that and we doesn’t feel comfortable reflecting that around us and sabotaging our success.

I knew that some colours made me feel super awesome in every sense, but getting the awareness of all of them and also how to manage and use the colours I don’t like as an ally has been a revelation, and Mike has been brilliant in pointing this out.

My biggest wow moment has been around the branding of my company, realizing that I’ve been playing “safe” not using a colour that is deeply alive in myself and that for me represent energy, success, happiness, focus, destination thinking that would have been not ‘right’. I used colours that I like but that were not fully expressing the message and the energy behind my ideals and mission.

Mike pointed that out not one but many times, suggesting me to consider it and have to say that makes a lot of sense and just feels awesome, perfectly aligned with the message I want to bring to the world.

If you really want to show up as the best version of yourself, aligning with your spirit, your personal power, your branding, do yourself a favour and have a chat with Mike!!

You will better understand yourself and how to manage your energies, presence and power in any path of life.

Mike you are really awesome and your work remarkable!!
Thanks again for your support and guidance mate!!

-Enrico Crosina